Alex Loader

Mixing for 9 years. Specialising in tight, dense mixes with a sharp and modern feel with plenty of punch.

Mixing styles for reference;
Scar Symmetry 
Disarmonia Mundi

In December 2011, Alex started up a project called "The Deathisodes" which included musicians from high profile bands across the UK coming to his studio and recording their parts. The various styles and unique sounds of each of the musicians forced Alex to propel himself forwards with his mixing capabilities to create a style that is truly his own.
Since that time, Alex has Produced, Mixed and Mastered a second Deathisodes album as well as a whole heap of EP's and albums from bands worldwide.

Steve Walker

STEVE WALKER - Mixing for 8 years. Specialising in raw band power with a thick live feel to his mixes.

Mixing styles for reference;
Machine Head

Foo Fighters
Avenged Sevenfold
Also plenty of experience in Symphonic Metal.

Ever since Steve studied music production at university in 1998, he has been obsessed with learning the art of recording. A particular favorite was live drums. Learning microphone frequencies and training his ear was (and still is) a part of his every day life.
Steve has been lending his skills to various bands across the UK with styles varying from Grunge, Hard Rock, Symphonic Metal and Metalcore.

In 2016 he Produced, Mixed and Mastered Skreamer's "King Of Crows" with a clear vision of "getting it right from the source". No samples, no autotune, just raw honest power.